The star of TNT's ''Men of a Certain Age'' on the five toughest things about getting older

The 51-year-old star of TNT’s Men of a Certain Age sounds off on the 5 toughest things about getting older

1. You have to rethink your meal strategy.
When going to a restaurant, whereas you used to care about the food, that’s third place now to ”How noisy is it in there?” and ”How big is the print on the menu?” Your favorite waiter is the one that has a flashlight. And food has time limits now — like, no grilled onions after 6:45 p.m. You’ll pay for it later?or your wife will.

2. Sex is different.
It’s much more infrequent. Not only do I need to stretch before it, but sometimes during it, I need to take a knee.

3. Your emotions get more intense.
I cried at Deal or No Deal. I’m not kidding. Some woman was down on her luck, and I was rooting for her to win. She didn’t win, Howie gave her a hug, and I started crying. It was just emotional for me. Also in the emotion category: You start siding with movie characters that you never did when you were younger. I watched The Breakfast Club again and I thought, ”That principal was misunderstood! He was just doing his job!”

4. You have to adjust your sports regimen.
I used to play softball. Now I play golf, which is kind of safe — it’s about as physical as I can get. I transferred from surfing to boogie boarding. Any sport where you can lay down and pee at the same time is the one you sign up for.

5. The Exam.
Enough said. You actually can give someone a Hallmark card, like, ”You’re 50. Bend over.”

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