“Danger” Dave Ball seemed like a calm and collected cat after being voted out of Survivor: Samoa. No longer! He’s hopping mad! And who’s on the receiving end of his ire? Well, there’s Shambo (whom he calls “deranged”) and John (whom he mercilessly picks apart as a simpleton). But he doesn’t stop there. Next up on his hit list? Me! According to Dave, I have no right to question his moves in the game, and neither does my guest co-host Jenna Morasca—yes, the same Jenna Morasca that won a million dollars and the title of Sole Survivor. Dave’s point is actually well taken…to a point: Viewers like you and me are at an obvious disadvantage not being out there, and can only go by what we see. But a bad move is a bad move, and Dave certainly made a few of them during his stay in Samoa. (Sorry, dude.) In any event, the end result is one of the most entertaining and explosive Survivor Talks ever. Dave certainly brings his Danger, and oh so much more. Click the video to see for yourself. (Note: No, we haven’t forgotten about Monica. Our Survivor Talk interview with the bikini queen will be up on Monday as she discusses whether she regrets threatening Russell with her jury vote, and if she plans on carrying out that threat. Oh, and don’t forget to get all your Survivor scoop by following me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.)