Where you can find Bella's bedding from ''New Moon,'' Gaby's blouse from ''Desperate Housewives,'' and more

By Archana Ram
December 11, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST


I need to have Bella’s bedding from New Moon! Where can I get it?

— Katherine

She may have been reluctant to celebrate her birthday, but Bella (Kristen Stewart) still woke up to gifts from her dad (Billy Burke) while cozied up under Modern Home’s ”flocked leaf” comforter. Bella’s bedding set in purple is no longer available, but a similar style in black and charcoal is up for grabs (target.com; $75 for queen-size comforter set).


Who makes the blouse Gaby wore when she met her new housekeeper on Desperate Housewives?

— Laura

Eva Longoria Parker’s Gaby has plenty of cute tops, but this Fifteen-Twenty blouse is one of the actress’ favorites — so much so that the label has named it after her. The ”Eva” blouse is available at Isabella Inc. (405-359-0777; $198).


Can you find Jane Krakowski’s gray tunic from 30 Rock?

— Kelly

While imparting lessons about the perks of being an actor to a new TGS cast member, Jenna (Krakowski) wore Lauren Moffatt’s ”modern geo pintuck” blouse. The top has sold out, but you can get the same print in Moffatt’s scarf dress (laurenmoffatt.net; $345).