TV's funniest lines from November 30 to December 6

”I don’t get men. If they’re not wagering their girlfriends in pool, then they’re trying to steal each other’s wives. It makes you question the whole notion of those bromance movies.” — Leslie (Amy Poehler) on Parks and Recreation

”While speaking about Bruce Springsteen at the Kennedy Center last night, President Obama said, ‘I’m the president, but he’s the Boss.’ And Biden was like, ‘Then who the hell is Tony Danza?”’ — Jimmy Fallon on Late Night

”Why don’t you slip your cankles into my shoes and walk a mile?” — Gaby (Eva Longoria Parker), while fighting with Lynette, on Desperate Housewives

”A man in Ohio was arrested after he attacked a Salvation Army bell ringer and stole the donations while yelling ‘I hate Christmas.’ Though I don’t see how anyone could hate Christmas more than the Salvation Army bell ringer.” — Seth Meyers on SNL‘s ”Weekend Update”