''Lost'' and Leighton Meester were in the news this week

Custom poster art. Tantalizing clues. Scavenger hunts. Just another off-season for dedicated Lost fans.
Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof plan to reveal as little as possible about the show’s final season before the Feb. 2 premiere. But on Dec. 15, Los Angeles Lost fans will be able to get two new clues about the story’s final act — thanks to an elaborate scavenger hunt and some underground poster art. Says Cuse, ”We’re releasing some teases, but in a way where you won’t be spoiled if you don’t want to be spoiled.” Like all things Lost, an explanation involves an intricate backstory: Over the past four months, Team Lost has been executing a grassroots campaign designed to express their appreciation for fans by giving them the opportunity to purchase limited-edition Lost-themed posters created by renowned artists who also happen to be serious fans of the show. First, Losties had to crack clues at a website (damoncarlton andapolarbear.com) that led to events in various cities (including concerts by Fall Out Boy and the late DJ AM), where they got the address for another website where they could actually buy the posters. Last month, New York fans who attended an event at Susan Sarandon’s Ping-Pong bar SPiN were treated to a cryptic snippet of film containing season 6 imagery and a glimpse of a new character named Dogen (Hiroyuki Sanada). The campaign will come to a close at a Dec. 15 exhibition of all 16 posters — including a new one containing two season 6 teases that goes on sale the next day via a TBD website — at L.A.’s Gallery 1988. Lindelof says he appreciates how the posters ”remind us that Lost is actually fun, and not all smoke monsters, death, and despair.” And Gallery 1988 owner Jensen Karp, who masterminded the entire campaign, adds that it’s been hard organizing everything without getting totally spoiled for the final season: ”When I visit the Lost offices, I have to walk the hallways with my fingers in my ears.”
Jeff Jensen

Leighton Meester, music star?
Leighton Meester may be best known as the star of Gossip Girl, but her music’s about to take center stage. The actress was recently cast as a country singer opposite Gwyneth Paltrow and Tim McGraw in the upcoming movie Love Don’t Let Me Down, and her still-untitled solo album is reportedly set for release in February or March. Meester talked to EW when her first single, ”Somebody to Love” with Robin Thicke, hit airwaves in October, and said fans could expect a mix of sounds. ”I have a million influences,” she said. ”There’s definitely faster, more rocked-out stuff, and then of course there’s slower stuff. It’s a variety for every taste.”
Tim Stack