The chef talks about what could go wrong during his ''Cookalong Live'' TV special

The Hell’s Kitchen master crafts a three-course meal — live! — on his Fox special Cookalong Live (Dec. 15, 9 p.m.). What could possibly go wrong? Plenty! Ramsay reveals five potential mishaps.

1. Starting a fire
I hope that none of the people cooking along with me set fire to their houses — or the Cookalong studio — when they flambé their Steak Diane.

2. Using his potty mouth
It’s live, so fingers crossed that I don’t say the word *@%$ or the word &*#@ or even *%#%. I think I can say bollocks if I want to.

3. Depleting alcohol supplies
I hope the liquor stores don’t sell out of brandy. If Snoop Dogg has to drink club soda because everyone else bought up all the brandy to flambé their Steak Diane, he won’t be happy.

4. Melting the audience
The show’s live from Los Angeles, so I pray no one in the studio audience’s plastic surgery melts in the heat from the stove.

5. Inspiring more Demino’s deliveries
I hope that I succeed in getting America cooking along and that there’s not a surge in pizza deliveries at 10 p.m. on Dec. 15.

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