I know these last few days since the Glee fall finale have been tough, fellow Gleeks. Personally, I watched the “My Life Would Suck Without You” performance about six times, not wanting to let the show end. Glee is not scheduled to return with new episodes until April 13 (the cast and crew will begin shooting the back nine episodes in early January) but EW does have some info that will hopefully help you handle your withdrawal: sources close to the show say that there are plans to release original content during the hiatus (similar to how clips and music were released this past summer between the May preview and the season premiere) and that an episode marathon is being discussed prior to the series returning. While nothing is official yet, Gleeks, your best bet is to check out the series twitter and Facebook pages for updates.

Meanwhile, Fox says it’s not concerned about Glee’s four-month long hiatus. “If I were ABC, I would be concerned about FlashForward because those shows are ending in a downward cycle—Glee’s ending in an upward cycle,” says Preston Beckman, Fox’s EVP of Strategic Program Planning and Research. “The best news of all is that when it returns it’s gonna be sitting behind American Idol. So it’s not like we’re putting it in a time period where it’s gonna have to fight.”

Photo Credit: Matthias Clamer/Fox