Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on ''Twilight,'' the American Music Awards, and more
  • In Memoriam
  • Thanks for the retrospective. I like the fact that you had people share their memories. One day Dom DeLuise came into the shop where I worked and sent his helper around while he sat at the cash register with me. He was soft-spoken and funny, and he made everyone in line feel special. When his shopping was done, I felt like I had spent time with an old friend. It is a wonderful memory.
  • Crystal McMillan
  • Los Angeles
  • Are all of the Carradines poets? Keith’s tribute to his brother David was beautiful and moving.
  • Eleanor Shy
  • Ravenna, Ohio

I just received your tribute issue. I see you’ve decided that the year came to an end in November. Well, it’s nice to know that no other entertainment greats will die in 2009. When did EW become so omniscient?
Linda Gale Hopkins
Stuart, Va.

No More Vampires!
Do I have to put garlic in my mailbox to repel your Twilight coverage? Two weeks after I ignored your cover story, I was faced with another article on the franchise. There’s more to entertainment out there than just the fanged variety. Please make it stop!
Katie Musar
Harrisonburg, Va.

Proud of Mary
I’m always glad to see your awards-show recaps, but you were remiss in your American Music Awards report card. Without backup dancers or pyro, Mary J. Blige showed us what true stage presence is. I give her an A+ for being the one who really turned it out.
Manolito Daniel

Ticked Off
In his Oscar-documentary blog post (The Movie Critics, Nov. 20), Owen Gleiberman says of Under Our Skin, ”The belief in chronic Lyme disease has become something of a cult.” That’s appalling. Funny that he says Food, Inc. is his favorite doc, since what both films say is that those who protect the public should not profit from that protection.
Laura Rothrock

Critic Owen Gleiberman responds: No one disputes the existence of Lyme disease, but the vast majority of physicians believe that chronic Lyme disease does not, in fact, exist. And that’s the position I took in my blog. If you disagree with it, your disagreement isn’t really with me, it’s with the medical establishment. Now, is it possible that physicians don’t believe in chronic Lyme for corrupt reasons — that is, because they’re bought off by the insurance companies? Under Our Skin makes this assertion, over and over, without providing a great deal of evidence for it. That’s why I think it’s a documentary built around a conspiracy theory, and also why I called the belief in chronic Lyme a cult. Food, Inc., by contrast, makes assertions about the content of food that are not in dispute by either the scientific establishment or the FDA.

Funny Business
Fs for both Old Dogs and The Men Who Stare at Goats? Perhaps your movie critics should judge films by seeing them in theaters — and if the audience laughs hysterically, which is what happened when I saw Dogs and Goats, then they could be called successful.
Carl Jones

Wild About Harry
Although I have never considered myself a Daniel Radcliffe fan, Tim Hailand’s photo of him eating breakfast — uncombed, unshaven, wearing a white bathrobe — is the sexiest picture you’ve ever run (First Look). Sorry, Ryan Reynolds.
Alan Howard
Lexington, S.C.

CORRECTION: The Broadway musical Fela! has a B+ grade (Stage).

Not one but four covers
Some readers asked why the Twilight covers were found only on newsstands. We never thought we’d be accused of giving subscribers too little Twilight! To be clear, all copies of EW had exactly the same articles. We loved the Late Greats package and knew it would resonate with subscribers. The collectible covers were meant for Twihards, for whom enough is never enough.