By Abby West
Updated December 11, 2009 at 04:14 PM EST
Ida Mae Astute/ABC

Diane Sawyer said, “Good morning, America” one last time today on her final broadcast before taking over the evening news for the retiring Charlie Gibson on Dec. 21. She was smiling and emotional this morning (after what she described as roughly 2,881 shows), basking in the attention (and tears) of co-anchor Robin Roberts, who called Sawyer the “queen of morning television.” The two also welcomed new co-anchor George Stephanopoulos and news anchor Juju Chang, who’ll begin on Monday.

Any GMA regulars out there shed a tear along with Diane today? What are some of your fondest memories of the queen’s reign? What do you think of the incoming Stephanopoulos regime?

Photo Credit: Ida Mae Astute/ABC