By Annie Barrett
Updated December 11, 2009 at 07:14 PM EST

If there ever was a filmmaker whose work warranted supersizing, it’s James Cameron. According to the Hollywood Reporter, McDonald’s is teaming up with Fox to promote Cameron’s Avatar, including sneak peeks of a planned interactive website based on the sci-fi actioner’s fictional world of Pandora. “McDonald’s has taken my vision of Pandora from the big screen to the computer screen and beyond,” Cameron says. “Avatar has been my dream for 14 years, and I am extremely happy with how McDonald’s is bringing it to life in their restaurants.”

The beginning of his Oscar speech, perhaps? Maybe the concept for the film has been “brewing” in his mind like an Iced Coffee with Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup (Large). Okay, I’m off to assign my avatar, Michael Ausiello, to eat some fries on my behalf.

Image credit: Master Castro