EW's TV scooper cracks 2010's big mysteries from shows like ''Gossip Girl,'' ''Grey's Anatomy,'' and ''Melrose Place''

Who was the mystery woman standing over Bart’s grave on Gossip Girl? Was it Chuck’s mother? — Randi
Yes, the grave stalker (The Shield‘s Laura Harring) will reveal herself to be the Bass family matriarch when GG returns in March. But is she lying? Call me a whore for stunt casting, but if and when Chuck’s (Ed Westwick, right) mum returned from the dead, I always imagined she would be played by a name actress. Like this one: Michelle Forbes. Who’s with me?

Are Mark and Lexie doomed on Grey’s Anatomy? — Claire
Maybe not doomed. But definitely in deep doo-doo. Although an ABC rep declined to comment, in the Jan. 21 Grey’s/Private Practice crossover episode, I hear Mark (Eric Dane) will knock boots with his ex Addison (Kate Walsh). Word is that Lexie (Chyler Leigh) will do her own share of two-timing in the two-hour block?but I’m not saying with whom.

Does Melrose Place stand a chance? — Kirk
If Heather Locklear’s ratings mojo can’t save it, what can? Short of a miracle, ”the show is pretty much dead,” sniffs an insider.

When are we going to meet Olivia’s (Anna Torv) evil stepdad on Fringe? — Joe
Exec producer Jeff Pinkner would not comment on whether the creep would turn up in the season’s second half, but he did reveal, ”We’ll be uncovering many mysteries — perhaps the biggest [being] Peter’s ‘origin.”’ We’ll also meet Walter’s wife/Peter’s mother (played by Shark’s Orla Brady). ”And in a show exploring two alternate universes, there is more than one of everything — and everyone.”

Any idea which CBS show will get the coveted post-Super Bowl slot? — Kevin
A CBS rep insists no decision has been made, but the buzz is that it’s down to freshman hit NCIS: Los Angeles or an expanded The Big Bang Theory. Dark-horse candidate? How I Met Your Mother. Now that would be truly legen…. You know what? Can’t go there anymore. (Legendary!)

Who died in the Desperate Housewives plane crash: Orson or Karl? — Elliott
This is an easy one. Kyle MacLachlan (a.k.a. Orson) has already confirmed that he survives the tragedy. So, by my estimation, that leaves…you to connect the dots.

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