Sandra Bullock

As the Blind Side crosses the $130 million mark (and counting), studio executives throughout Hollywood are ordering their assistants to send their congratulations to Bullock’s doorstep — often in bubbly, liquid form. “No one really drinks in our house, so we don’t really do anything with that,” the actress says, pulling her long hair into a loose pony tail. “But we get a lot of champagne!” The Blind Side comes just five months after Bullock made her long-anticipated return to her romantic comedy roots in The Proposal, which surpassed everyone’s expectations by going on to rake in $314 million worldwide. The 45-year-old is enjoying the best year of her acting career, which may bode well for everyone who wants to see more well-told stories about grown women up on the big screen. “Sexism is everywhere. Ageism is everywhere. But you know know what? It’s about making money. Look at what Sarah Jessica Parker did with Sex and the City. Look at what Meryl Streep is doing” — she pauses to laugh — “every other week! The proof is in the pudding. I didn’t have the ‘Oh my God, I’m not working because I’m 40.’ I was working when I was 40. I’ve never had this many opportunities in my lifetime.”

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