If you didn’t already know that the gentleman played by Colin Firth in the excellent new movie A Single Man is single because (no spoiler, I promise) his male lover has died, you’ll never know by looking at the newspaper ads that feature a big, lovely image of Firth and a smaller, lovely image of Julianne Moore. It’s true, Moore plays an important secondary role in the movie, but come on, who are they kidding? If the ad wasn’t designed intentionally to hide the gay-ness of Tom Ford’s exceptionally elegant, thoughtful study of one man’s grief, it was, at the very least, designed to accentuate the hetero-positive and eliminate the homo-negative, don’t you think?

Then again, there are a bunch of movie posters out these days that might give a ticket-buyer the wrong impression. See that promotional image from 2012, above? Seems to me the movie is about a Tibetan monk — or maybe he’s the Dalai Lama? — presiding over magnificent seas. And as for that ad for The Blind Side? If I didn’t know better, I’d think Sandra Bullock plays a woman with a great butt and a giant football player for a boyfriend.

Now I’m really excited about seeing Avatar: From the ads, the movie looks like it’s about Smurfs.

Got any movie ads that have lured you in, turned you off, or made you go, huh? I’m all (pointy blue) ears.

A Single Man
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