It’s December, and you know what that means: It’s getting down to the wire to buy the customary two-and-a-half tons of presents for your friends, family and acquaintances you may or may not like. In order to help you along in your Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus shopping bonanza, we at EW have compiled a list of fantastic gift ideas that would make anyone merry.

Little Jason’s never going to wear that sweater, and he’ll just shoot his eye out with that Red Ryder BB Gun, so why don’t you give him something that he’ll actually use and won’t permanently damage his field of vision. Take a gander at our gallery of books and CD gifts for kids, including Rockabye Baby Guns ‘N Roses, a collection of lullaby versions of the band’s greatest hits. Hey, if it’s half as soporific as Chinese Democracy, it’s perfect.

Pull a stumper in the office Secret Santa pool? Don’t know what to get Great-Aunt Henrietta that won’t make her shout horrific obscenities again this year? We compiled ten of this year’s most beautiful, visually arresting books that would make great gifts for anyone. This includes a wonderful pop-up edition of the French classic The Little Prince and Magic, 1400s-1950s, a stunning, exhaustive compendium of abracadabra and alakazam.

Enjoy, and remember: gift cards are for wimps.