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Last night, Barbara Walters unveiled the full lineup of her 10 most fascinating people of the year: Kate Gosselin, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, Brett Favre, Tyler Perry, Glenn Beck, Jenny Sanford, and Michael Jackson’s children (Paris, Prince Michael, and Prince Michael II). And the most fascinating of all? Michelle Obama.

Huh. Not exactly a climactic ending. Michelle is phenomenal, no argument there. But naming her the most fascinating person of the year is like giving Bill Gates an award for being the world’s richest man. It’s in the bag.

But the top 10 list did have some interesting omissions. Namely:

Jon Gosselin– Personally, I’d be happy to never see or hear his name again. But doesn’t he deserve half of Kate’s spot?

Susan Boyle — She dreamed a dream, and now her album is outselling Rihanna and Adam Lambert. Maybe Babs just doesn’t want to admit that she cried at that YouTube clip.

Tiger Woods — You gotta think if the whole scandal had broken just a few months earlier, we could’ve had a teary mea culpa to break up all the back-patting on the show. On the plus side, Tiger’s already a strong front runner for next year’s list.

Mo’Nique — Her performance in Precious is scorching. Her BET show is a hit. And yet many of her recent headlines have focused on her decision to opt out of key appearances for her budding Oscar campaign. She’s the very definition of fascinating.

Taylor Lautner — Just imagine: “Taylor, if your abdominal muscles were a tree, what kind of tree would they be?”

Kris Allen — The American Idol winner has had to deal with losing the spotlight to his runner up. Pretty interesting, if you ask us.

Taylor Swift — With countless records sold (and broken), the teen singer has been everywhere this year. Seems like it’s about time for her next celebrity rite of passage: the mascara-running, “I swore I wouldn’t cry” interview. Something tells us Swift would never crack, but we’d love to watch Babs try.

Okay, PopWatchers: Your turn. Who should’ve made the list?

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