Adam Lambert’s father told his son he should “issue an apology” after his American Music Awards performance, the singer told The View gals this morning.

Barbara Walters introduced him by saying that her network had cancelled three “live performances” he’d been booked for on ABC and “that’s why we’re taping this today.” (The first part of The View was, as usual, live-to-tape.) When Lambert came out, he said with a laugh, “Protect your children, people!”

Of course, taped-Adam proved to be a calm, clever charmer. When Joy Behar said he was “not a nice Jewish boy,” he got a big laugh by saying, “I am a little different. The dreidel spins the other way.”

Behar also said that in her opinion, the ruckus about Lambert’s AMA performance was “homophobic.” He agreed, saying “that’s part of the double standard” about displays of sexuality on TV.

While he acknowledged that his AMA appearance was “a little bit lewd” and that he was “experimenting with imagery and performance style,” he admitted that in the future, he’d probably “stay more consistent to the rehearsal” of any TV performance.

Then he sang “What Do You Want From Me,” Barbara told the studio audience that every member was going home with a copy of Lambert’s For Your Entertainment CD, and the guy got big cheers from the middle-American audience that was supposedly so appalled by him on the AMAs.

Just another day in the mixed-message world of American TV, right?