By Annie Barrett
December 09, 2009 at 06:00 PM EST

There’s a new red band trailer for Michael Cera’s Youth in Revolt up on College Humor. You can watch it if you’re in a safe place that promotes sex and filth (like the EW office), but if you’re not, I’ve taken the liberty of inserting inside-jokey terms from Arrested Development in place of the “naughty” bits of some of the dialogue, below. Watch your mouth, George Michael Bluth!

“I’m gonna help you stick your filthy [banana stand] in this tomato.”

“I’m gonna [the bleeped-out s— that G.O.B. says while threatening the Bluth Company staff during “Afternoon Delight”] and wear you like the crown that you are.”

“Hey, does that movie come with [hop-ons] for your [Volvo]?”

“For all the world knows my [candy beans] could be [covered in blue paint] as we speak.”

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