I don’t know much about the Brazilian band called U.K., but I do know they have one of the awesomest music videos I’ve seen in a long time. To be fair, though, someone should probably let them know they have a comedy classic on their hands, because I don’t think they’ve realized it yet. It combines the production finesse of an episode of Power Rangers with the acting of an MST3K film.

This Twilight tribute—maybe they’re making a bid for inclusion in the Eclipse soundtrack?—is a moody ballad creatively entitled … “Eclipse.” I have no idea what the lyrics (in Portuguese) are about—one can only hope they do Stephenie Meyer’s prose justice—but the video’s themes are totally Twi: mainly, stalking women and displaying ripped abs.

As the camera menacingly swirls around three girls in the woods, the band members do the Edward Cullen tree hop, throw off the vampire sparkle, and give these ladies that “I’m either going to eat your larynx or kiss you” stare.

The blonde man-babe in the group even one-ups the real Twilight franchise by egregiously showing off his trim six-pack AND his painstakingly disheveled hairdo. That means he’s got the best of traits of Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson… contained within one pale body!

Twi-logic naturally takes over at the end of the video: Each vampire/emo dude makes out with the chick he’s been stalking. Although the final smooch looks less like romance and more like a Hoover vacuum sucking on an inflatable doll.

What do you think about this clip? Should Paramore watch their backs? Or should these guys move on and do a Harry Potter tribute song? I think the charm spell for that is “Emotus Whineasmus.”

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