Is it it just me or has this season of Top Chef felt crazy long? Well, long or not, it all comes to an end tonight on the sixth season finale of Bravo’s culinary competition hit. The judges have whittled down the crop of cheftestants to a powerful trifecta of jolly Kevin and the Voltaggio brothers (bland Bryan and bull-headed Michael), who are each talented in their own way:

  • Kevin, a Southern man so in love with pigs that he got one tattooed on his arm, has proven to us (and more so to Michael) that simple doesn’t mean boring. I mean, did you see how much the judges were fawning over his carrot and beet salad last week?
  • Bryan Voltaggio, though he has never won a quickfire, has impressed the judges with his traditional, yet refined techniques. I just wish he’d crack a smile every once in a while. Though when he does, it kind of scares me.
  • Michael Voltaggio. Oh, Michael. I give him credit for being incredibly inventive and pushing the limits, but that holier-than-thou attitude has got to go!

Who am I going to be rooting for tonight? Kevin all the way! He has enormous talent, the right attitude and food that tells us a story. Oh, and that beard makes him adorable!

Will you be watching the finale tonight? Who should be named Top Chef?

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