There’s been no shortage of bloviating about the snowballing Tiger Woods scandal, so on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman, I was actually hopeful to hear a discussion between two people who actually know of what they speak. Letterman’s pro-active handling of his office dalliances a couple of months ago looks especially savvy now compared to Woods’ bunker approach, and Walters is a veritable crisis expert based on decades of delicate sofa interviews with the famously disgraced.

Walters believes Woods erred in not admitting his extramarital “transgressions” before the story got away from him, but suggested his best course at the current time might be continued silence. She also thinks athletes aren’t necessarily role models. Not exactly the profound insight I was hoping for, though perhaps the prognosis for Woods’ self-inflicted crisis is as uncomplicated as Walters contends. I’d also hoped that when the conversation turned serious, Letterman might speculate how Tiger must be feeling, based on his own experiences, but the host instead was typically light-hearted and self-deprecating about the whole thing — and much more intrigued by the amount of action available to pro golfers.

Did Dave and Barbara tell you anything you didn’t already know? Whose show will Tiger most likely appear on during his inevitable Mea Culpa Tour 2010?

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