The promos for Taylor Lautner’s Saturday Night Live hosting gig this weekend reference the fact that he plays a werewolf in The Twilight Saga: New Moon and that he’s roughly half the age of much of the cast (he tells Kristen Wiig she reminds him of his mom). I was waiting for a joke about him being clothed for once, but I guess some things are too obvious. Regardless, I’m looking forward to Lautner taking center stage. He’s game (see: his mini-motorcycle race against Jimmy Fallon) and he’s physical (see: the adorable asskicker in 2005). Secretly, I’m hoping Taylor Swift pops up for either a monologue shout-out or some kind of sketch about the two Taylors trying to avoid the paparazzi on their friendly dates. I’m also hoping there’s a sketch about all the crazy projects Lautner and his agents must be getting pitched now. Feel free to use my Gymkata remake idea, folks.

What are your ideas?

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