Jimmy Kimmel welcomed Pee-Wee Herman to his show last night, and I’m still debating whether it was a coup or whether Lorenzo Lamas simply canceled at the last minute. Actor Paul Reubens has resurrected his famous alter ego for a stage show he’s putting on in Los Angeles, and he and his schtick seemed extremely well preserved.

A friendly crowd — some cradled Pee-Wee dolls — watched as the bow-tied man-child showcased his beloved bike, announced the first offering from his Oprah-like book-club (Jane Thayer’s Part Time Dog), and surprised Kimmel with a Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Christmas gift.

My personal highlight was the clip of Pee-Wee from an old Bob Hope Christmas special. The anti-comedy is so thick it’s art.

What were your impressions of Pee-Wee’s appearance, and if you’re under 25 years of age, where would you rank your level of confusion?