The Mole

PopWatch is on a quest to determine the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Reality TV Show of All Time. We have 32 seeded contestants in four categories, and we're now entering our fourth and final category, Competition shows! After you vote, please leave comments about why you love the show you chose. Come back Friday to see who makes it to the semifinals.

Quarterfinals, Competition: Celebrity Apprentice vs. Celebrity Mole

Celebrity Apprentice

It's the only chance we ever get to see Tom Green and Dennis Rodman drinking together, Stephen Baldwin discussing corporate espionage, Piers Morgan calling Lenox Lewis "a pretty boy," and Clint Black wearing a Bluetooth while talking on a different cellphone. And who could forget Joan and Melissa Rivers and their showdown with poker champ Annie Duke? Even the Donald seems frightened sometimes, but hey it's all for charity. And trainwreck TV. Coming soon, Sharon Osbourne, Sinbad, and Darryl Strawberry are among a motley group of celebs we'll soon be seeing skewered in the boardroom. – Wendy Mitchell

Celebrity Mole

D-list celebs playing for cash for themselves not a charity? Guilty! But then, you see, they really want to win, and, in some cases, they delivered the finest performances of their careers (i.e. Stephen Baldwin — him again! — sheep wrangling). The reason the show was a pleasure was two-fold: For starters, the stars actually had to work. While they completed mental and physical challenges to add to the kitty, one among them tried to sabotage the group. They survived elimination by outscoring the others on a weekly quiz, which tested both their powers of observation and theories on the identity of the mole. Paranoia is good TV, especially when it's coming from Corbin Bernsen. – Mandi Bierly

Photo Credit: Celebrity Apprentice: Ali Goldstein/NBC; Celebrity Mole: Mitchell Haaseth