By Annie Barrett
Updated December 09, 2009 at 05:03 PM EST

Kristen Wiig will be hosting SNL Presents: A Very Gilly Christmas in-character as the mischievous schoolgirl who likes to eat her lower lip, NBC announced yesterday. She’ll introduce various holiday-themed sketches from the past 35 years, and Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin will be on hand to present “NPR’s Delicious Dish and the Schweddy Balls” and “A Holiday Wish,” respectively. I wonder if all the people Gilly will get to torment in between sketches will be other memorable Kristen Wiig characters. Whoa! Actually, that might be hard to pull off, so maybe Kenan Thompson can play those women instead.

Are you surprised that Saturday Night Live is banking on Gilly’s popularity like this? What’s your guess for prospective “Sorry” count, P-Dubs? I’m going with a mere 26, and that’s including foreign languages and English-based variations on a theme. Come on, this will be fun, like participating in the “Guess how many gauze puffs are in the jar” game at the dentist to win a weird-looking doll from K-Mart. Maybe it was just my dentist who did that. Related: I can’t believe there’s not a Gilly doll yet. She could dance!

What holiday-themed SNL skits do you hope they’ll air?