This week’s episode of Bones made my Must List months ago when it was first announced that Zooey Deschanel would be joining sister Emily on the show for a guest spot as Bones’ second cousin. And last Thursday’s preview featuring David Boreanaz in his boxer shorts just sealed the deal.

Zooey is the guest star hardcore Bones fans have been hoping for a while, so her appearance is a welcome pre-Christmas gift from the writers. Some are holding out for a sister duet on the show (Zooey is one half of indie act She & Him), but I’m not that greedy. All I want is my token semi-big Booth-Bones moment before the end of the first half of the show’s awesome fifth season. Not that the season hasn’t been filled with a million melt-worthy scenes between my favorite TV not-a-couple, but Bones writers are usually diligent about leaving viewers with enough swoon material to keep us warm between shows.

So now it’s your turn. Is there a guest star you’re looking forward to this week or a fall finale that blew you away? Do share. Also pitch your picks for best music, movies and online videos of the week! (Remember: Justify your pick well and leave an e-mail in case your pick ends up in the magazine.)