Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is on the mend, according to the latest blog entry by the band’s webmaster Karl Koch. Cuomo injured his spleen and one of his lungs when his bus crashed on Sunday morning and the singer was subsequently taken to a hospital in upstate New York. But, according to Koch, Cuomo’s internal injuries are becoming less of a concern. “The doctor announced that Rivers blood pressure had stabilized, meaning the spleen was no longer leaking – it was on the mend,” Koch wrote yesterday. “And his lung seemed to be gaining strength and holding up, meaning it too looks like it will mend itself with time. All this is great news so far. Plus he was given the go ahead to eat some real food again – a very positive sign!” Koch also reported that Cuomo, “went from being barely able to talk and open his eyes yesterday to partially sitting up, talking clearly, reading books and checking the internet, plus his color and energy seemed much brighter.”

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