Today’s Hollywood Reporter features an interesting story by Gregg Kilday about how this year’s Oscar telecast coproducer Adam Shankman has been soliciting advice from his Twitter followers about who should appear on the show. “Curious: what and who do u wanna see on the oscars? What would make u watch?” he asked, prompting loads of responses suggesting cast members from New Moon, Glee, and High School Musical. Then, Shankman, who’s also a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, wrote: “would u watch the oscars with more excitement if I cast some sytycd dancers if there are musical #s, ” to which his followers exploded with excitement.

Clearly, Shankman is just having a little fun here, and certainly most of these ideas are unlikely at best. But it raises an interesting question: Should the Academy Awards, whose ratings have been slipping over the years, pander to younger fans by including tween stars and reality-show dancers even though they don’t truly belong at the telecast? (Let’s not forget that Robert Pattinson presented last year.) Or should the Academy be most concerned with upholding its integrity even if that means lower viewership? Will you only watch the Oscars if Vanessa Hudgens is there? Or is Gabby Sidibe enough to get you to tune in?