When news broke that Jerry O’Connell had replaced Heroes‘ Sendhil Ramamurthy opposite Doctor Who‘s David Tennant in the NBC pilot Rex Is Not Your Lawyer on the eve of production (Ramamurthy is said to have had a scheduling conflict), I was concerned. Like everyone who loves the fact that O’Connell is currently enrolled at L.A.’s Southwestern Law School, I was worried it meant that he was dropping out. Rest easy. Arep for O’Connell (pictured left) tells EW that he intends to juggle both the show, set at a law firm, and law school, if the pilot gets picked up. Explaining why he took the part, O’Connell sent the following statement: “Why not? I’ve already done all this great research for the role, and hopefully I’ll have the grades to prove it. Ask me in two weeks when I get my finals back.”

Ballsy move, my friend. Do you think O’Connell will actually need to juggle? According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show revolves around Rex Alexander (Tennant, pictured right), “a top Chicago litigator who begins suffering panic attacks and takes up coaching clients to represent themselves in court.” Sounds a little Boston Legal-y. Interested. Continue. “O’Connell will play an ambitious but good-natured lawyer who was in Rex’s shadow until Rex’s career switch and whose friendship with Rex becomes complicated when he falls in love with his pal’s fiancée (Abigail Spencer).” As someone who got a little too excited to see O’Connell as the office friend in Obsessed, I have to admit that I’m all about having a side order of Jerry O. And I feel like he’d actually be believable as a guy who is good-humored, but bad enough to fall for his friend’s girl. The show also costars Jane Curtin and Jeffrey Tambor. I say prepare to juggle. You?

Photo credit: O’Connell: Dennis Van Tine/Retna Ltd; Tennant: Steve Ross/Capital Pictures/Retna Ltd