All has been quiet on the Quentin Tarantino front since Inglourious Basterds hit theaters in August. But you knew that the silence wouldn’t last. Recently, the director turned up in a totally bizarre Japanese commercial for a telephone speaker that’s shaped like a dog.

You read that right. A telephone speaker in the shape of a dog.

While most Hollywood celebrities have no problem shilling for foreign products abroad in exchange for giant sacks of cash (as long as it’s kept hush-hush, of course), you have to at least respect Tarantino’s idiosyncratic endorsement. No Michelob or Subaru for him! After all, if you’re going to feather your retirement nest with stacks of yen, why not do it for a product that no one in America wants…or, for that matter, can even really wrap their heads around? (Again, it’s a phone speaker…shaped like a dog.)

There’s something about the surreal editing of this utterly wackadoo spot (and Tarantino’s talking dog co-star) that makes this thing kind of a nice addition to the QT oeuvre. And frankly, as long as the check cleared, I’m less concerned about Tarantino putting on a silk kimono, speaking choppy Japanese, and busting out some crazy-eyed kung fu moves than I am about why the Japanese are buying phone speakers that look like dogs.

Really, I could go on about this. But maybe it’s best to just check out the video below and tell us what you think.