Men of a Certain Age, the Ray Romano-Andre-Braugher-Scott Bakula series you saw advertised non-stop on TNT over the past few weeks, premiered last night.

I liked it quite a lot. The intertwined tales of three guys who are getting hit hard by middle-age, Men was neither a baleful pity-party nor an arrested-development frat-boy-party. Romano showed he can use his hangdog expression for some dramatic moments; Bakula — seen most recently by EW readers, perhaps, as Chuck’s dad on Chuck — was well-cast as an L.A. actor reduced to auditioning for lousy Lifetime-network tv-movies; and Braugher is perfect as a guy stuck working for his father at a car dealership, grinding his teeth in humiliation while hoping the old man retires and gives him the dealership.

You can read my full review of Men of a Certain Age here. If you thought the first episode was just okay, I urge you to watch next week’s second edition. Last night’s opening hour spent a lot of time establishing who these characters are; next week, we see some real action and plot development.

But I’d like to know what you thought. Did you hang around after The Closer and watch these Men? Would you watch them again? Comment away, below; thanks.