By Kate Ward
December 08, 2009 at 11:16 PM EST
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I have felt a special bond with Joanna Garcia ever since I was a kid, when she starred in one of my favorite mid-1990s TV shows, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Then, a few years later, she went ahead and starred in one of my favorite late-1990s TV shows, Freaks and Geeks. Fast-forward to 2008, and Garcia landed a starring role in one of my favorite 2008 TV shows, Privileged. And then, just last night, the actress played a large part in the latest episode of one of my favorite mid-to-late-2000s TV shows, How I Met Your Mother.

Sensing a trend here? It seems Garcia finds a way to wedge herself into some of my all-time favorite television shows. And nothing makes me happier — The actress is quirky, accessible, and way more talented than she ever gets credit for.

So why hasn’t she gotten her proper due? Unfortunately, with the exception of Reba, many of Garcia’s series have been far too short-lived. (R.I.P. Privileged.) Therefore, I can’t help but root for her every time she’s signed onto a project that will allow her to grace my TV screen. (And I couldn’t help but be depressed when HIMYM‘s Carter Bays told me a few weeks ago that Garcia’s guest stint would likely only be a one-time gig. Bah.) So memo to Hollywood: Let’s get Garcia another series stat, okay?

This made me wonder: What other TV stars have you found yourself constantly rooting for despite cancellations? Some more of my picks: Drea de Matteo, Kyle Chandler, Lisa Kudrow. Your turn, PopWatchers!

Photo, Joanna Garcia on Reba: Everett Collection

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