Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

PopWatch is on a quest to determine the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Reality TV Show of All Time. We have 32 seeded contestants in four categories (see full bracket here), and we’re finishing the quarterfinals in the Celeb-Reality category. After you vote, please leave comments about why you love the show you chose.

Quarterfinals, Celeb-Reality: Being Bobby Brown vs. The Anna Nicole Show

Being Bobby Brown

We’ll always have “kiss my ass!,” thanks to this trainwreckalicious how-is-this-even-happening doc-style reality trailblazer. And the immortal line, “hell to the no.” And the image of Bobby helping Whitney in the bathroom. — Margaret Lyons

The Anna Nicole Show

Were we ever this innocent? The reality world of 2002 seems so, so different than the one of today. At least part of that is thanks — thanks? — to The Anna Nicole Show, which showed us what the gaze of the realty eyeball could do: turn a washed up former model from tabloid trash into cable’s most popular star…and then slowly destroy her. For a while there, though, what a campy joy.The show’s tagline — “It’s not supposed to be funny. It just is.” — seems all the more tragic after her 2007 death. — Margaret Lyons