Toniiiiight, toniiiiight…is the season finale of The Biggest Loser. I’m so excited I could burst into show tunes! Who’s going to make it to the final weigh-in — America’s Choice Amanda or old-lady underdog Liz? (Don’t hate, she’s been harping on those things all season.) And how will the chosen lady fare against powerhouses Rudy and Danny in the final three?

I’m a proponent of girl power and all that, but I am firmly on Team Rudy-or-Danny going into tonight’s final episode rumble weigh-in. One thing that could sway my vote firmly into the Danny camp: Danny performance. Tonight. Make it happen, NBC! As season 8 recapper extraordinaire Darren put it, Thin Danny the High School Rock Star needs to make a triumphant return, stat.

I’ve got to say, watching the show on my couch (I mean, uh, the treadmill) without being chained to my laptop was quite an enjoyable experience (Yes, I am Jean Bentley of Biggest Loser season 7 recap fame. I’ll sign autographs later, pending the successful transfer of cash money into my Paypal account. Autograph fee, you understand.) Clearly, NBC read my recaps loyally, since they took my advice and shortened this season by a whole bunch o’ episodes.

If Liz doesn’t sashay her way into a million bucks looking like creepy-thin Helen at the end of last season, the second chances-themed season 8 will be a success. And it will be extra successful if “evil-eyed, weepy-voiced android” Amanda lands firmly below her far superior competitors, Rudy and Danny, too.

I’ll be thinking of you tonight at 8, PopWatchers, when I unwrap my Subway sandwich, pour myself some Brita water and get down to business watching the Biggest Loser season 8 finale. Are you looking forward to tonight’s show, too? Who do you want to win?