No new episode of The Good Wife. Biggest Loser finale? No thanks. The Forgotten? I make a point of forgetting it’s still on.

If any one of those reactions strikes a chord in you, here are three very different shows to watch tonight.

Better Off Ted: Praise be, Ted is finally back. Veridian Dynamics is exerting its imperious-corporate influence on everything, including the dating plans of Ted (my, that Jay Harrington knows how to wear a suit, doesn’t he?), much to the witty disgust of boss Portia de Rossi:

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Bumped last week for the President’s foreign policy speech, the hardy perrennial is back tonight. Despite my apparently controversial preference for the Grinch, I certainly recommend A Charlie Brown Christmas as a way to soothe the jangling nerves the holidays can bring.

Teen Mom: Finally, MTV, contrary to what you may be reading everywhere, is not solely in the business of promoting hottub STDs with its Jersey Shore. Tonight at 10 p.m. EST, the documentary Teen Mom follows up on some of the subjects of its 16 and Pregnant subjects, such as Farrah:

What the interesting, frequently emotional hour finds is that these young woman are doing their best in often difficult situations. And good luck with your mom, Farrah — you don’t need that kind of pressure.

Planning to watch Better Off Ted or Charlie Brown’s Christmas, or Teen Mom tonight? Please sound off below; thanks.