MTV’s Jersey Shore has lost a bit of advertising after concerns were raised over the reality series’ depiction of Italian-Americans. But Domino’s, which decided not to run ads on the show after appearing in one spot on the Dec. 3 premiere episode, says the decision wasn’t due to Italian-American organization UNICO National’s complaints. The pizza chain also says it will continue to buy time on the network, just not specifically on Jersey Shore: “Our third-party media buyer, after reviewing the show, told MTV Friday morning that the content wasn’t right for Domino’s,” a spokesman said. “The request to keep our spots from future episodes took place in the morning, well before we received any complaints or inquiries from anyone. We make our ad buy decisions internally, not due to any outside influences. We have no issue with MTV, and we haven’t pulled our advertising from the network. We just don’t want to be on that particular show.” American Family Insurance also stopped running spots during the controversial show, but for strictly technical reasons, a spokesman said: The company had “a very limited association” with the show, with promos for special safe-teen-driving webisodes running during the premiere, but set to end when the online series ended on Sunday. “The only action we took was to ask them not to run the promos during the Jersey Shore reruns this weekend,” the spokesman said.