One of the portraits Michael Jackson commissioned from painter David Nordhal does bear resemblance to Michaelangelo’s David statue, as Sunday’s NY Post points out, but it’s more like a cross between that and William Bouguereau’s Le Printemps (The Return of Spring), pictured above right. Spot the difference: Michael is playing a Pan flute because he was a musician. Or a Satyr, depending on your perspective. “Michael” is just one of many paintings and other rare Michael Jackson-themed artwork appearing in The Official Michael Jackson Opus. I’m actually most interested in Nordhal’s depiction of Janet Jackson as a fairy in The Storyteller, but we can’t show that here, so I’ll either need to click this and squint, or just go ahead and buy a book for $249.

UPDATE: I just tracked down EW’s review copy of this mammoth tome. It’s like seven feet high, 240 pounds, and contains a single white glove among the pages. Don’t tell anyone I took it. I’m gonna wear it for blogging, even though it’s not sparkly.