Saturday Night Live - Season 42

The inevitable Tiger Woods sketch on SNL this weekend hit the trifecta of being unfunny, in poor taste, and way too long. Yahtzee!

Why is this framed as a CNN segment? To show off Sudekis’s Blitzer? (I like Darrell Hammond’s and Chris Parnell’s better, personally.) No, it was to pad (and pad…and pad) a one-note concept that couldn’t sustain itself. The sketch was endless.

It wasn’t just unfunny, though: It was also incredibly tone-deaf. Intimate partner violence isn’t a ripe source of material in the first place, but with Rihanna as the musical star the sketch seemed even more poorly thought out. The whole joke was that Tiger Woods was lying about his wife assaulting him, with every imaginable cliché and crummy lie we’ve seen in a hundred Lifetime movies about domestic violence. It was lazy.

Could there have been a funny bit here? Definitely. But this hypothetical funny take would need to present an actual point of view, a unique thought, or some sharp commentary. This bit suffered from both an ill-conceived problem (Tiger Woods covering up his wife assaulting him) and a total lack of transformation or change. It was a padded stand-up bit, not a fully realized sketch, which makes it really hard to forgive the poor taste of the subject matter.

What did you think, PopWatchers?

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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