Michael Bay has directed a Victoria’s Secret commercial. No, that’s not the premise for a Saturday Night Live skit involving enormous robots doing battle while wearing sexy lingerie. Bay, the director of slick, explosion-y mega-hits like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and the Transformers films, as well as numerous commercials, brings all the hallmarks of his style to his latest ad for Victoria’s Secret. These aren’t just shots of beautiful women in undergarments. These are shots of beautiful women in undergarments straddling pool tables, being followed by black helicopters, posing in front of a massive fireball, and, for some odd reason possibly having to do with a circus (a sexy circus!), throwing knives at each other — all assembled with lots of quick cutting and a soundtrack of thudding rock music. Hey, it makes a whole lot more sense than that weird Victoria’s Secret commercial Bob Dylan did a few years back.

Take a look.

Does Bay’s Victoria’s Secret commercial make you want to run right out and buy some bras? Or rent Bad Boys? Or both?

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  • 143 minutes