Lady Gaga took the stage Saturday at Capital FM’s Jingle Bell Ball in London and never one to disappoint in the shocking, often pants-less, fashion department, Gaga performed her six-song set wearing a red leather bikini, fishnet tights, black lace-up boots and her trusted disco stick.

I’m not used to seeing that much midriff from the singer, but that’s because when I think Lady Gaga, I think face masks and frog coats. But this isn’t the first time the singer has appeared on stage in next to nothing, which makes me think that perhaps Gaga, the leader of the uncomfortable fashion revolution, actually considers practicality — sometimes — when she performs. How else would she be able to move like this if she were wearing her bubble dress or that spherical number she wore at the piano on Saturday Night Live?

Red leather is scary, but is it shocking? Not really. We’ve come to expect a lot from Gaga, and this didn’t really meet my expectations. Thankfully, though, her post-show get-up answered my couture prayers.

When leaving the show, Gaga donned a transparent plastic dress with very on-trend sharp shoulders and — wait for it — reindeer antlers (photo after the jump). To me she looks like a mixture of someone from The Jetsons, a creature from Pan’s Labryinth and the essence of holiday spirit. How does she look to you?

Photo Credit: PA Photos/Landov; Gotcha Images/Splash News