MTV’s Jersey Shore premiered less than a week ago but already has been the subject of growing controversy. Italian-American groups, like UNICO, have blasted the series for what they perceive as a negative portrayal of Italian-Americans and the use of the words “guidos” and “guidettes.” UNICO is now asking for its members to complain to MTV’s advertisers and for the network to remove the series from its schedule. EW talked to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, one of the series’ cast members, about the controversy surrounding Jersey Shore, his new best friend Pauly D, and whether or not he’d do a second season.

On his newfound reality fame:

“I’ve only been out one night since the show aired and as soon as I walked into the bar it was pretty wild. People were like, ‘Oh my god that’s him. That’s The Situation.’ And then people asked me to take pictures and stuff like that.”

On complaints that the show negatively portrays Italian-Americans:

“This is what happens down here. It’s not a definition of the East Coast. It’s not a definition of Jersey or New York. It’s just a bunch of kids that happen to be partying and working and living together in New Jersey. Some of these people are trying to pretend like when you’re in your 20s and you’re single you don’t go out and have fun. Or you don’t go out and get a couple drinks. And when that happens you know there are gonna be a couple arguments. There are gonna be a couple fights. Life is not perfect.”

On whether the terms “guido” and “guidette” are offensive:

“No. No. If you do see the show, you see it used in a loving or a good way. The older generation doesn’t understand. These days in New York and New Jersey a ‘guido’ is a good-looking Italian male that likes to have fun and a ‘guidette’ is a good-looking Italian girl.”

On becoming buddies with fellow castmate Pauly D:

“I had an awesome experience with shooting and with MTV. I actually met a best friend on the show, Pauly D. Me and him are like best friends. His birthday is July 5th and mine is July 4th. His name is Pauly Michael and my name is Michael Paul. There are a lot of coincidences. We speak all the time to this day. I met a lifelong friend.”

On whether he’d do another season:

“Oh, of course. If America wants something like that, I’m sure we’ll be able to give it to them.”

Photo Credit: MTV