Okay, I’ll say it upfront, I’m not a big fan Christmas movies, so the thought of sitting through Debbie Macomber’s Mrs. Miracle wasn’t exactly my idea of a perfect night in. The Hallmark Channel film, which premiere Saturday night, starred James Van Der Beek as a widowed father of twins desperately seeking nanny, while Doris Roberts played the geriatric version of Mary Poppins. (She didn’t crinkle her nose or snap her fingers to make magic happen, the sound mix took care of that.) You could predict the formulaic plot line of this special ten minutes in. The 6-year-old boys redefined over-acting and the bad fake snow, crappy camera work and baby-doll-substituting-for-infant reaffirmed this was a movie-of-the-week.

Yet. It wasn’t horrible. Van Der Beek, all these years after Dawson’s Creek, is still pretty cute. His love interest, played by Erin Karpluk, sported a fantastic wardrobe and I coveted her hair. And Doris Roberts is still charming, though I was looking for a little more bite after loving her for years on Everybody Loves Raymond. Maybe the moral of the story is that — during Christmastime, at least — TV movies don’t have to be very good. Mrs. Miracle did its job. It made me nostalgic for the holidays, kept me interested for its two-hour run-time and, in the end, I was rooting for the lovebirds. What do you think? Did any of you watch this? Do you lower your standards when it comes to Christmas movies-on-tv?