The White House Party Crashers -- Two potential ''Real Housewives'' stars break into a White House state dinner

We’ve now seen Spencer and Heidi Pratt in 20 years and they look an awful lot like Tareq and Michaele Salahi, perpetrators of the Nov. 24 White House party crash heard round the world. The antics of the gruesome twosome who allegedly eluded the Secret Service were tacky and potentially illegal — but not entirely surprising. After all, Michaele is up for a role in Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise, where dinner-party table flipping, wigpulling catfights, and accusations of prostitution are de rigueur.

Since their White House visit, the Salahis, who claim they were welcome guests, have complained about their lack of privacy and whined that their lives have been ”destroyed” by the invasive media. Yet these are the same people who had planned on opening up their lives to a major reality series and took pictures with various politicos at the White House state dinner like it was breakfast with the characters at Dsiney World (”Here we are with Donald Duck — er — Rahm Emanuel!). More hypocrisy: In the same breath that they were bemoaning the media assault to Matt Lauer on Today, the pair offered a second interview to the host. Note to Tareq and Michaele: The best way to avoid media scrutiny is to avoid the media.

It’s unclear whether the Salahis will face charges for their antics. (Bravo wouldn’t elaborate on the situation except to confirm that Housewives cameras were trailing the pair.) But even if the yucko couple gets off scot-free, they’ve enraged the most powerful entity in the free world. On second thought, even Spencer and Heidi aren’t that dumb.