Sandra Bullock has her best year ever ? ''The Blind Side'' and ''The Proposal'' are the two biggest hits of the star's career

Last June, Sandra Bullock scored the biggest box office win of her two-decade career with the $164 million smash The Proposal. But that personal record might not last long. Her inspirational holiday hit The Blind Side, about Leigh Anne Tuohy, a Memphis woman who adopted a future NFL player, opened to $34.1 million last month — an all-time best opening for the star — and could end up being her highest-grossing movie to date. Just don’t expect Bullock to celebrate her amazing year. ”I believe that if you revel in your success, it’s all gonna come crashing down,” the actress told EW in October. ”I’m not one of those people who takes a compliment well.”

Well, somebody should at least give her a pat on the back. At 45, Bullock is experiencing her biggest moment since 2000’s Miss Congeniality and having the kind of commercial success that plenty of twentysomething A-listers — not to mention her peers — would envy. And it almost didn’t happen. ”I kept saying no,” said Bullock of her Blind Side role. ”But once I started working with Leigh Anne, I just went, ‘Wow. If we can pull off a real version of this…”’

So what does she intend to pull off in 2010? Oscar gurus are buzzing that Bullock could score a first-ever nod for The Blind Side. But for now, the actress — who lives in Texas with her husband, motorcycle junkie Jesse James, and his three children — says she has absolutely nothing in the pipeline. ”Trust me, I know people are saying, ‘Go away again,”’ she said. ”And I will, and wait for something else that’s amazing.” Here’s hoping she finds it soon.
Additional reporting by Josh Rottenberg

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