It’s Friday afternoon, the weekend is upon us, and my dear mother, Judi Fratamico, has a message for you all. It concerns this past Sunday’s episode of Dexter. Here is what she has to say (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen that episode yet):

“Doesn’t anybody at EW do a Dexter blog? I need to let everyone know that there are no basements in Florida. And I’m not referring to the bomb shelter, but to the homeless family hiding in the basement of the empty house. Really now!!!”

The scene in question arrives approximately 32 minutes into the hour, when our eponymous serial-killer-of-bad-guys ventures into an underground room hoping to find Scott Smith (the kid Trinity kidnapped for nefarious purposes), only to discover a mother and two kids squatting the place. Trinity and Scott, meanwhile, were holed up in the aforementioned bomb shelter. Now, I’m sure that there are a handful of basements scattered across the Sunshine State, but they are as rare as silver unicorns, thanks to the high water table. They’re especially uncommon in Dexter’s hometown of Miami, which is essentially one big beach. So my mom, who lived in Sarasota most of her life before moving back north recently and was, for a time, more obsessed with South Florida real estate than she now is with Dexter, makes an excellent point. Basically, our guy stumbled upon a four-leaf clover in the form of a bungalow. Maybe that’s why that homeless lady was hiding out there! To tap into its magical powers of good luck!

Anyone else notice this sort-of goof last weekend? Or are you, like my colleague Tanner Stransky, reading this and asking yourself, “Who the hell cares about that much hair-splitting?”