Matt Damon is still optimistic that Bourne 4 will happen. But the actor, who’s starring in the upcoming Invictus for Clint Eastwood, made it very clear that he wouldn’t do the movie without director Paul Greengrass. (Greengrass, who directed both Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum, dropped out of the fourth film which did not yet have a greenlight last week.) “I feel like someday it’s going to happen,” Damon said at the premiere of Invictus on Thursday night (that film bows Dec. 11). “We just don’t have a script right now and so there’s no reason to try to put a round peg into a square hole. People like the franchise, including us, but the only reason to do another one is if we can make it great.”

He adds, “Paul’s got to go to work, you know? He’s ready to do another job, and it wasn’t the right job now. I get it. I wouldn’t do it without him but I don’t feel like he’s done with it totally. I think he’d change his mind if a good script came along. If there was a great Bourne idea, he would love to do it. It’s a big part of his life, too. We’re still going to keep working together — and hopefully on another Bourne movie too.” (Greengrass and Damon also worked together on Green Zone, which is due out in March 2010).

Josh Zetumer, the young screenwriter who did a last minute polish on Quantum of Solace and is the writer behind the upcoming adaptation of Dune, is currently in the middle of writing a script for Bourne 4. It’s a parallel effort to the work George Nolfi did on the film but Nolfi exited the project to direct Damon in The Adjustment Bureau, which he will wrap in New York next week. — Reporting by Carrie Bell

Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss/