The creator of ''Better Of Ted'' talks about his new TV show and apologizes for his old one

We give Jay Harrington the chance to hawk the season 2 debut of his ABC workplace comedy, Better Off Ted, on one condition: He must also apologize for a previous project like, say, that inglorious adaptation of the British sitcom Coupling.

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Better Off Ted ”Love Blurts” (Dec. 8, 9:30 p.m.)
”Veridian Dynamics has deemed it necessary to match up employees for the purpose of saving health-care costs. Ted gets paired with a beautiful lady. Right after sex, he blurts out, ‘I love you,’ and in covering for the ‘I love you’ he adds a T-A-H to the end of that, which is ‘I love Utah.’ To explain himself, he [pretends] that’s where he’s from. Turns out the girl’s family is from Utah. So he says he’s Indian and makes up a language. It works — for a time. We used the actual Lakota Indian language. There was a scene in bed where I say in Lakota, ‘I’m actually wearing pants right now.’ And at the end I say, ‘Thank you for allowing us to borrow your language. We hope you enjoyed the show.’ So it’s pretty funny…if you’re Lakota Indian.”

Sorry about that
Coupling (2003)
”I’m sorry for killing your buzz and bringing down the tail end of your happy comedy block on Thursday nights on NBC, but the truth of the matter is that no British show has ever successfully been remade on American television. And don’t try to think of the examples to contradict me — there’s about a hundred — because I really need to believe that. That being said, when doing an American remake of a British remake of an American show called Friends, there are bound to be a few hiccups…. I never understood the billboards. Why were we naked? I still don’t get that. And the last thing is: You try picking projects, because it’s hard.”

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