Oh, good. We definitely need another TV show about werewolves. MTV’s proposed Teen Wolf remake series was not cutting it for me. Now, Fox is developing Howl, a saga about warring families of werewolves in a small Alaska town. It is presumably not about beatnik werewolves, the best minds of our generation. Does this mean Fox is on Team Jacob? OMG LOL. Actually, Fox did air a series called Werewolf (starring Chuck Connors, pictured) from 1987-88. Thanks to reader Jeff for Werewolf‘s complete unofficial site, which is completely terrifying because when you drag your cursor over the menu options, someone…or someTHING’s heart pounds.

According to screenwriter Joshua Miller, “Howl is about the psychology of living with change.” Perhaps it will offer tips on how to maintain the will to live while a large percentage of the population freaks out about vampires and werewolves. My preliminary casting wishes include Tracy Jordan, Jerry Seinfeld with a shaved chest, not Mario Lopez (who has Wolf Pack envy), Lucille Bluth after she got plastic surgery, and recently blonde Sandra Bullock. Oh, and Jason Bateman, Too. Vote below.

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