NYC Prep

PopWatch is on a quest to determine the Greatest Guilty Pleasure Reality TV Show of All Time. We have 32 seeded contestants in four categories (see full bracket here), and we’re winding up the Quarterfinals of the “Real” Lives category. After you vote, please leave comments about why you love the show you chose.

Quarterfinals, “Real” Lives: My Super Sweet 16 vs. NYC Prep

My Super Sweet 16

Behold: It’s an obscenely wealthy, fork-tongued demon from hell exhibiting a Pavlovian response to the phrase “birthday party”: Frothing at the mouth; making guttural noises; and attempting to gnaw the flesh off her parents, friends, and siblings. But instead of being sent back to the fiery pit from whence she came, My Super Sweet 16 finds this fiend rewarded with a lavish celebration. Watch as she selects a gigantic ballroom to host her eventual emotional meltdown. Gasp as she screeches until her parents agree to spend the equivalent of your annual salary to book an entertainer. Cry inside when she’s rewarded for a malevolent, screaming tantrum, with gifts that could easily pass for a Price Is Right Showcase Showdown. And when the cameras stop rolling, break out your rosary beads: There are others like her, and nothing will stop their quest to make it to your TV screen. –Michael Slezak

NYC Prep

With the Gossip Girl kids graduating to slightly boring college lives, thank goodness these real-life Gossip Girls and Guys remind us just how bratty privileged prep school kids can be. I was hooked from the moment I heard Sebastian discussing his hair flip strategy on dates. These high schoolers throw fancy dinner parties and scheme about charity fundraisers, yet they are also struggling with normal teenage stuff like crushes and college plans. Straight out of central casting, we have queen bee Jessie, overachieving Camille, and seen-it-all-already playboy PC – but the things that come out of their mouths are better than any Chuck Bass script. So, Bravo, please, don’t you think now’s the right time for aPC spinoff – with or without his therapist!? — Wendy Mitchell

Photo Credit: My Super Sweet 16: MTV; NYC Prep: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo