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Reason #3.2 billion that we love Tina Fey: When she does a 30 Rock storyline about Liz Lemon getting a horrible haircut (or three, as Liz said, because “the first two made me look crazy”) to prepare for her forthcoming Dealbreakers talk show, she does not skimp on the horrible. Those bangs were truly offensive, in a way that will haunt me for days to come. (I once got that haircut, too — what woman hasn’t suffered through her own equivalent? — which only compounds the nightmare effect.) Reason #3.2 billion + 1 that we love Tina Fey? That storyline was inspired by none other than an EW photo shoot! She told us for our “Best of the Decade” issueon stands now! — that said haircut was inspired by a similar (very, very similar, as you can see from the pic) chop she got to get ready for a 2002 Entertainment Weekly cover she appeared on with then-Weekend Update co-anchor Jimmy Fallon. She cites the incident as nothing less than her biggest mistake of the decade: “I got these very short, asymmetrical bangs,” she says. “It was my fault. I saw it in a magazine and I asked for it. It is rough.” We can’t disagree, but don’t worry, 30 Rock fans, we won’t have to look at it for long: “[When] we did it on 30 Rock, … I have to wear a series of wigs while I’m growing it out.” Those high-def cameras, on the other hand, will continue to be that unforgiving.

Photo Credit: 30 Rock: Ali Goldstein NBC; 2002 EW cover

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