Meme alert! Crazy Comcast descriptions are the new hotness! And the brand-new WTF Comcast tumblr has some true gems. These cracked me up.

Por ejemplo, Child Play: “A kid’s doll becomes possessed by the soul of a serial killer. Most likely that serial killer’s soul would have rather possessed a Rottweiler or a wolverine, but there you go.”

Or this description of Seventh Sign: “The Signs of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation seem to be coming to pass. A young woman (Demi Moore) thinks they’re real and her unborn child is in peril. Honey, if it’s the Apocalypse, we’re al in peril, okay?” Heh.

How long before this gets turned into a snarky point-of-purchase book at Urban Outfitters? I say a few months, PopWatchers.